FSC & PEFC mark

fsc_logo_nieuw_enResponsible forest management involves respect for the environment, the local population and the economy. FSC® is an internationally recognized and independent quality mark for responsible forest management. Our 30,000 hectares of Bolivian forest fully complies with the FSC® regulations. Selective harvesting, good working conditions and strengthening the local economy are just a few examples. INPA Parket is doing business with a social conscience.


Wood is “the growing gold”. Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests provides the best balance between economic efficiency and sustainable returns.

The international PEFC™ quality mark provides assurance that wood and paper products come from a sustainably managed forests, with the focus on people, planet and profit.

There are over 850 000 forest owners, owning more than 243 million hectares of forest, who are sustainably managing the forests according to international criteria of PEFC™. More than 8800 companies in the chain after the forests have a PEFC™ Chain of Custody certificate*.
INPA Parket is one of them.

* source: PEFC Netherlands

Sustainable forest management is good for the climate.

A tree grows through its leaves, greenhouse gas emissions carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere. Oxygen is indispensable for our breathing. As long as we use the harvested trees in products and do not burn, CO2 does not return to the atmosphere. In the case of sustainable forestry, the owner ensures that forests grow again after harvesting. These growing trees also absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. In addition, sustainable forestry means there is not more harvested than needed. Therefore, sustainable forest management is good for the climate.

Considering the above, the result should logically be a growing forest surface worldwide. Less CO2 and more oxygen in the air. Nothing is less true!

In case of destruction, intentionally burned or replaced for other uses, from the forest land, the carbon dioxide (CO2) will return to the atmosphere. That’s a pity just now that science agrees that CO2 has a significant negative impact on climate change.

Tropical stream

Over the past 10 years, 13 million hectares of forest have been destroyed. That means at a speed of one football field every 2 seconds! The impact of the CO2 released here is advisable. Consider the ever-increasing global energy consumption, also a major source of CO2 emissions, and the conclusion can only be that deforestation is not a good thing, not least for humans.
The disappearance of large area forests is the main reason for certification of sustainable forest management in the 1990s.

In PEFC-certified forest management, the forest is maintained and its harvest and growth are balanced, which is good for the climate.

Source: PEFC Netherlands May 2017