Datasheet Incienso Colorado (wood description)

NameIncienso Colorado
Scientific nameMyroxylon peruiferum
Common names in other countriesQuina morada (Arg); Cabreuva-vermelha (Bra); Olor (Col); Sandalo (Ecu)
General descriptionIncienso Colorado is found in dry to temperate humid
forests. The tree reaches heights up to 38 meters.
The trunk has a diameter of 1.2 meter.

Anatomic characteristics

Heartwood colorPurple red
Sapwood colorPale brown-white

Physical properties

Density (12% M.C.)910 kg/m3
Basic density780 kg/m3
Total radial shrinkage2,0%
Total tangential shrinkage3,6%
Total volumetric shrinkage5,5%
Rate T/R1,6

Mechanical properties 12% M.C.

Static bending1860 kg/cm²
Compression parallel to grain1648 kg/cm²
Lateral hardness (Janka)12547 N

Technical conditions for processing

Air dryingSlow
Natural durabilityVery durable