Distressed Parquet Flooring

At this moment, distressed parquet flooring is an important trend.

To get distressed parquet, it is processed in different ways. After these processes it is hardly distinguishable from parquet that is already hundreds of years old.

It can be distressed in different ways, each with its own unique character and appearance.

A distressed parquet flooring enhances the cozy and warm atmosphere, reminiscent of centuries-old floors in monasteries, castles and country houses. Distressed, however, is not synonymous with being damaged. The artificial tracks have been applied carefully.

Distressed floorings last a lifetime, without you having to worry when it needs to be re-sanded.
A distressed floor becomes even more beautiful over the years


Our distressed parquet floorings are based on a DuoPlank or multi layer parquet, which are available in different sizes.

Selections: The most beautiful effect is achieved with a more rustic grade (knots, discolorations) of the wood.
Profile: Tongue and groove around
Finish: Oxidative oil, lacquered, various colors,


  • Centuries old appearance with high quality.
  • Daily ‘life tracks’ hardly visible.
  • Available in various colors / finishes.
  • Unique character.
  • Wood experience is particularly high.
  • Easy to install by DIY.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating (ask for the conditions)