If parquet must be ‘good’

INPA Parquet can be seen as a traditional company in the flooring world. With parquet-people at heart.

INPA Parquet has a constant stock of no less than 30,000 m². We can supply from stock.

Respect for people and nature

bolivian-forest-2INPA Parket strongly believes in giving and taking of nature. We are proud owner of 30,000 hectares of forest in Bolivia. This gives undoubtedly a great responsibility. We are FSC® certified (FSC-C007666), from the trunk to the final product. SCS-COC-000449.

And we make sustainable agreements with the locals. When we started in Bolivia, the forest was difficult to reach. Now there is a complete road, water and energy infrastructure. There is only selective logging.

Every tree does matter

trunk_numberingAll trees are accurately mapped. Our forest is divided into blocks. The trees are harvested selectively per block. The block will be closed for at least 25 years, except for scientists who do research.

Each trunk carries a unique label and accompanying throughout the process to the final product.


reforestration-2Until 2004, Paraguay was the third country in the world with the highest deforestation. Many trees had to make way for soy and intensive livestock. Reforestation is crucial to stop erosion and restore the natural balance.

INPA Parket feels responsible for this and therefore takes part in several reforestation projects in Paraguay.