FSC® Certified

Responsible forest management means respect for the environment, the local population and the economy. FSC® is an internationally recognized and independent quality brand for responsible forest management. Selected logging, good working conditions and a strengthening of the local economy are just a few examples.

INPA Parket stands for good forest management.

Wood is ‘the growing gold’. Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests provides the best balance between economic return and sustainable return.

Sustainable forest management is good for the climate.

While growing, a tree takes the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air through its leaves and releases oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere. Oxygen is essential for our breathing. As long as we use the harvested trees in products and do not burn them, the CO2 will not be released back into the atmosphere. With sustainable management, the manager ensures that the forest grows back after harvesting. These growing trees also absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. In addition, with sustainable management, no more is harvested than new forest grows. That is why sustainable forest management is good for the climate.

Over the past 10 years, 13 million hectares of forest have been destroyed every year. That equates to a speed of one football field in 2 seconds! The impact of the CO2 released can be guessed at. Add to this the ever-increasing global energy consumption, also a major source of CO2 emissions, and the conclusion can only be that deforestation is not a good thing.