Datasheet Tarara Colorado (wood description)

Tarara Colorado
Tarara Colorado DuoPlank 20x180mm oil natural
NameTarara Colorado
Scientific namePlatymiscium ulei
Common names in other countriesMacacawood; Macacaú preta; Macacaúba vermellha (Bra); Roble colorado
General descriptionTarara Colorado grows in temperate forests. The tree is up to 30 meters high.

Anatomic characteristics

Heartwood colorRed-brown
Sapwood colorLight brown

Physical properties

Density (12% M.C.)880 kg/m3
Basic density750 kg/m3
Total radial shrinkage4,0%
Total tangential shrinkage6,2%
Total volumetric shrinkage10,2%
Rate T/R1,6

Mechanical properties 12% M.C.

Compression parallel to grain690 kg/cm2
Lateral hardness (Janka)10710 N

Technical conditions for processing

Air dryingModerate
PermeabilityMedium permeable