About us

The start in 1968

It was Sjaak Roosenboom who laid the seeds for the company INPA Parket in 1968. His entrepreneurial and creative spirit have allowed the company to grow over the years into what it is today.

In the early 1960s, this pioneer first became acquainted with the possibilities of wooden floors. He started working at a parquet factory in Breda, where he was active in sales with heart and soul. With great success. The later founder of INPA discovered the many opportunities offered by entrepreneurship in this sector.

He took the opportunity to start his own business with both hands. Sjaak was a man of hard work and few words, but the language he spoke was always clear. He founded INPA Parket in Bergen op Zoom.

His company was immediately successful and experienced significant growth. Sadly, the founder passed away in 1994. He left behind a solid and successful business that continued to grow and spread its arms around the world. With 30,000 hectares of its own forest in Bolivia, a production factory in Paraguay and partners in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Dutch cradle is still located at the Buitenvest in Bergen op Zoom, where INPA now has its own production line so that floors can be finished to perfection: brushed, fine sawn, lacquered and oiled.

In addition, a large showroom is located in the home port, where relations and private individuals can become acquainted with all the possibilities the company offers. Of course with expert advice.

Head office in Bergen op Zoom

Arthur Hoetelmans

Director of INPA, but that is less important than his other roles. Arthur is a buyer, relationship manager and advisor to customers. He does what he has to do to make and keep INPA healthy and its customers happy.

Ella Roosenboom

Ella knows all about exotic woodspecies and maintains contacts with our production facilities in Paraguay and Bolivia. She watches over the financial health of the company and keeps the spirit of her father and founder Sjaak Rooseboom alive.

Ludo van Loon

Ludo is INPA’s jack-of-all-trades. He knows a lot and can help almost anywhere. He is mainly involved in guiding INPA’s French-speaking customers and is the pivot in the logistics process. In addition, he keeps INPA’s websites up-to-date.

Patrick van de Berg

Patrick is also a jack-of-all-trades, but especially in the warehouses of INPA. He knows where everything is and ensures that it is lifted, packed and loaded correctly.
Driving his forklift, he only thinks of one thing: how to get the next delivery to the customer on time.

Norman Kuijpers

We usually find Norman in the wood workshop. There he makes sample boards.
Exactly according to the customer’s wishes. But also special customization, such as sills and accessories, are accurately measured by him created. If necessary, he assists H&W Finishing during production.

Magazijn van INPA parket

Since 1968 we have been working from our head office in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. With our showroom of over 600 m², filled with parquet floors and furniture. From Bergen op Zoom we sell locally and to other countries in Europe and beyond.

H&W Finishing

HW Finishing productielijn

In our finishing factory we can sand, brush, tint, varnish, oil, smoke and package finished parquet.
Check their website. (dutch and french only).

Factory Paraguay

Paul Roosenboom

Paul is Ella’s brother. He is responsible for the parquet factory in Paraguay and the forest and sawmills in Bolivia. Technology and care for the environment were taught to him from an early age. Now he passes that on to his three sons.

Blas Roosenboom

Blas is the son of Paul and Lucy. He is being trained to take over the sawmill and parquet factory in Bolivia and Paraguay. Like his father, he is a technical jack-of-all-trades, who does not shy away from a challenge. Working with wood is his great passion.

Ewald Giesbrecht

Ewald is responsible for sales from Paraguay. But per full container. He also takes care of the production planning in the factory. Due to his many and good contacts worldwide, he is well aware of the global market.


We have been processing wood species in Caaguazú, Paraguay since the 1980s. We have the entire process in our own hands. From forest exploitation to finishing and packaging. In addition, we participate in several reforestation projects in Paraguay.