Ready-made parquet floors

H&W Finishing has settled in one of our warehouses in 2020. There the boards are finished on an industrial line with various rollers and special lamps.

H&W Finishing is a company with many years of experience in finishing (painting and oiling) surfaces. The use of two carefully selected production lines ensures optimum and constant quality. In addition, we work with high-quality lacquers and oils.

There are varies finishes available for painting and oiling. For example, you can choose from varies colors. The oil and paint systems meet the most modern requirements in terms of environmental and health standards.

Scarving Xperience

Scarving Xperience is a new machining technique.

It was introduced and developed by H&W Finishing.
In a controlled production process, the surface of unfinished boards acquires a unique appearance.

SX10 - colours

SX 10 in 5 different colors. The newest form in Scarving Xperience is SX10 Shou Sugi Ban.
With the appearance of traditionally burned wood. Very attractive for a wooden wall for example.

Scarving Xperience, abbreviated as SX, is a new processing technique.

There are a number of different types available within the Scarving Xperience. Each type has its own distinct appearance. These can also be combined to create a unique and individual distressing. The possibilities are endless.