Datasheet Tajibo (wood description)

Lapacho-Tajibo 16x180mm Rustic oil natural
Scientific nameTabebuia impetiginosa – (Mart. Ex DC.) Standley
Common names in other countriesDiamond Walnut (USA); Ipé (Bra); Lapacho (Par); Polvillo (Ven); Cañaguata Morado; Greenheart (Sur); Tahuari (Per); Ipé-Roxo; Pau-d’arco; Whalebone, Groenhart (Sur)
General descriptionTajibo grows in humid and subtropical forests. The tree grows up to 25 meters high. The trunk is straight and cylindrical. Proper ventilation is recommended during sanding. It releases lapachol dust, which can cause skin irritations. Is used in civil engineering and is available as parquet flooring.

Anatomic characteristics

Heartwood colorgreenish brown to greenish yellow-brown
Sapwood colorOlive-brown
TextureMedium to fine

Physical properties

Density (12% M.C.)1050 kg/m3
Basic density850 kg/m3
Total radial shrinkage3,3%
Total tangential shrinkage5,6%
Total volumetric shrinkage10,0%
Rate T/R1,7

Mechanical properties 12% M.C.

Static bending1371 kg/cm2
Compression parallel to grain719 kg/cm2
Lateral hardness (Janka)13900 N

Technical conditions for processing

MachiningHard to normal. Pre-drilling is required
Air dryingVery slow
DurabilityVery durable