Curupau datasheet

Curupau DuoPlank 20x180mm oil natural
Scientific nameAnadenanthera Colubrina – (Piptadenia macrocarpa)
Common names in other countriesCebil colorado (Arg); Acacia (Bol); Angico-preto (Bra); Curupay; Patagonian Rosewood
General descriptionCurupau grows in moist subtropical to dry forests. The tree grows up to 27 meters high. The trunk is straight.
Curupau has an attractive black stripe or flame pattern, which, however, becomes more indistinct later as the wood darkens.
Curupau is used in civil engineering and is available as parquet.

Anatomic Characteristics

Heartwood colorPink brown to pink red
Sapwood colorpale purple
TextureModerately coarse to fine

Physical properties

Density (12% M.C.)1030 kg/m3
Basic density850 kg/m3
Total radial shrinkage4,2%
Total tangential shrinkage8,4%
Total volumetric shrinkage12,7%
Rate T/R2,0

Mechanical properties 12% M.C

Static bending1672 kg/cm²
Compression parallel to grain839 kg/cm²
Lateral hardness (Janka)19500 N

Technical conditions for processing

MachiningNormal to difficult; Pre-drilling is necessary
Air dryingModerate
Natural durabilityVery durable