Sirari datasheet

Sirari DuoPlank 20x180mm
Scientific nameOrmosia Coarctata – Jackson
Common names in other countriesBolivia cherry; Tento (Bra); Kuruñai (Par)
General descriptionSirari grows in humid subtropical and tropical forests. The tree grows up to 30 meters high. The trunk is straight cylindrical

Anatomic Characteristics

Heartwood colorReddish yellow
Sapwood colorPale brown
TextureMedium to fine

Physical properties

Density (12% M.C.)960 kg/m3
Basic density900 kg/m3
Total radial shrinkage3,2%
Total tangential shrinkage6,4%
Total volumetric shrinkage9,3%
Rate T/R2,1

Mechanical properties 12% M.C.

Static bending1095 kg/cm2
Compression parallel to graain592 kg/cm2
Lateral hardness (Janka)6920 N

Technical conditions for processing

Air dryingMedium
Natural durabilityDurable and resistant
PermeabilityHard permeable