A wooden floor is a healthy and sustainable choice.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the impact our lifestyle has on the environment and our own health. By living healthier and more sustainable lives, we contribute to a better future for ourselves and future generations. As a result, healthy and sustainable products are increasingly being chosen.

Wood is a sustainable raw material by nature. When properly maintained, a wooden floor can last for decades. In addition, they can also be sanded and finished again. A wooden floor is biodegradable and adds to the aesthetic value of a house.

Wooden floors are extremely suitable for underfloor heating. Combining a wooden floor with underfloor heating provides a comfortable, energy-saving form of heating.


Recently we have added a new finishing. We call it BEACHFLOOR and BEACHFLOOR COAST and it has the atmosphere of a beautifully aged and worn wooden floor. We can make this beachfloor in three different RAL colors on request. White, gray and black.

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